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Our Team and Family History

Our family members have been involved with horses for decades!
A love for horses lead  Ernst A. VonFrankenberg (1926-2009) to serve in the U.S. Calvary during the Second World War. After the war, he joined the US Olympic Team Training Forces and cared about his  four-legged jumpers through the long, difficult journey to the Olympic Games in London in 1948.
Coming back to his homeland to raise a family, Ernst bought an old barn with rolling pastures that allowed him to have horses for himself and passed this passion to his children. For the rest of his life, Ernst was a dedicated participant in local parades, centennial events, and  Civil War reenactments (where horses drawn carriages and cannons are used in such historic sites as Gettysburg, Shiloh, Charleston, and other nationally recognized parks).
The VonFrankenberg family was instrumental in the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, WI Volunteer Infantry Association, and the 4thMilitary District SUVR. Some West Bend folks still remember the unique funeral of Ernst VonFrankenberg, as Ernst's coffin was placed on a horse drawn caisson and led to his final resting place. 
He raised his son, Ernst VonFrankenberg (aka Ernie)  teaching him to take care of horses, the farm, and its machinery. His work in the Tool&Die industry gave him the  experience needed to “fix anything”. After 6+ years as a registered nurse, Ernie returned to equine care on his farm, and is now our Maintenance Manager.
Madeleine, the VonFrankenberg's daughter has inherited a passion for horses and actively competes primarily in eventing.

Operational Manager:

Annette Von Frankenberg

As a medical professional with 30 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner,  Annette knows how to care about people and horses. Her excellent managerial and social skills create a safe comfortable environment run by a team of friendly professionals.


Maintenance Manager:

Ernie Von Frankenberg

Ernie grew up on this farm, and learned from his father how to ride, train, and care for horses from an early age. This, combined with his experience in the both the Tool and Die industry, and as a Registered Nurse make him uniquely qualified to care for the farm and our equine family.

CEO of the Welcoming Committee:  Yukon

Upon your arrival at CVEE, Yukon is certain to greet you.  He takes his responsibilities seriously and will often provide boarders with an escort to the pastures and back.  You will also see him as the co-pilot of our golf cart.  He loves children and is more than willing to "herd" and keep them in eyesight at all times.